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Effortless Catering, Endless Compliments

Be a guest at your own event.

Want an Effortless Fiesta? Let's Make It Happen!

Just call us on 0412922312 Our catering kits bring the party to you, easy and full of flavour. We're all about creating joyous moments with a touch of Mexican magic, minus the hassle. Get in touch—let's plan something unforgettable, together!

What Makes Our Kits So Special?

Mi Casa Su Casa!

At Flavours of Mexico, we put a lot of love, thought, and consideration into the food we serve. We know you care about what goes into the food you eat. 

Our menu offers gluten free, dairy free sugar free options and is naturally low carb.

All of our food is vacuum packed to preserve freshness and serving and feeding a crowd with ease.

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The clever entertainers kit.jpg
Clever Enterainers Kit

$35 pp

For the clever entertainer perfect for pleasing

a crowd

The Ultimate Mexican Fiesta

$50 pp

All inclusive Kit

perfect for celebrations

Effortless Catering, Endless Compliments

How Our Catering Kits Work

At Flavours of Mexico, we aim to bring the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine to your event with convenience and quality. Our catering kits are designed to provide you with everything you need for a delicious and memorable meal and make you look like a star.

Here’s how it works:


Select Your Kit: Choose from our variety of catering kits, each packed with fresh ingredients and all the essentials for creating the perfect Mexican Fiesta!


Delivery: We deliver the kits to your location, ensuring all ingredients are fresh and ready for assembly. Please note that our kits are delivered chilled for optimal safety and quality.


Heat & Assemble: Our kits come with easy-to-follow instructions for heating and assembling your tacos. This ensures that your food is hot, fresh, and delicious when you’re ready to serve.

Steak Tacos


Enjoy: Once heated and assembled, enjoy the vibrant flavors of our authentic Mexican dishes, crafted to provide you with a taste experience just like in our kitchen.


Why Chilled Delivery?

Safety: Chilled delivery avoids temperature changes that can compromise food safety.

Quality: Ensures your tacos are fresh and not soggy by the time you eat them.


Easy Preparation & No Cooking Skills Needed:

Simple Steps: Our instructions are quick and straightforward.

Perfect Results: You get the best flavours and textures by heating the food just before serving.

User-Friendly: Designed for all skill levels.

Support Available: Our team is here to help if you need any assistance.

Your Mexican Fiesta In A Box

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