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The Flavours of Mexico Story

If you love a good love story, settle in you're gonna love this one!

Welcome to Flavour of Mexico

Hola amigos I'm Hector, a proud Poblano from the culinary heart of Mexico, the city of Puebla. My adventure in Manly, Sydney, Australia began with a deep longing, a yearning for those authentic flavours of home, the ones that warm the soul just like my mother's recipes. And then, as in the best stories, life led me to Sunny, my great love, a native of Sydney. Together, almost as if it were destiny, we started a journey to introduce the true flavours of Mexico to you, right here in Sydney.

Our Story: A Fusion of Cultures and Cuisines

It all started at a quaint gathering in Manly, where Sunny, with her infectious love for cooking, promised to recreate my beloved Tacos al Pastor. Challenge accepted! We dived into family recipes, and she amazed us all at my birthday party with Tacos that transported me back home. Little did we know, this was just the beginning.

The Turning Point: From Adversity to Opportunity

Then, 2020 hit us hard. The pandemic changed everything overnight. Amidst the uncertainty, a friend's simple request for those authentic tacos lit a spark. We realized we could share this experience with more people. And so, Flavours of Mexico was born - delivering not just food, but an experience.

Our Philosophy: Authenticity in Every Bite

We noticed Sydney, especially the northern beaches, was missing something – authentic Mexican cuisine that tells a story. We wanted to change the narrative around Mexican food, often misrepresented as fast food. Our goal? To offer Sydney a taste of true Mexico, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and exquisite cuisine.

The Evolution: Heat-and-Eat Taco Kits and Beyond

Starting with our 'Heat and Eat' taco kits, we ensured every meal delivered the freshness and authenticity of Mexican cuisine. As we grew, so did our offerings. From dinner kits to full-blown catering options, we've continually evolved to bring Mexico closer to you.

Sharing  Mexico With You

Our adventure took a new turn when I took Sunny to Mexico. Immersed in its culture and history, we gained invaluable insights. Today, we're excited to offer authentic Mexican cooking classes and travel advice based on my extensive experience. We're here to guide you through the real Mexico, far beyond stereotypes.

Our Promise: Bringing Mexico to Your Table

As an online taqueria based in Manly, delivering across Sydney, we're committed to delivering not just food, but an experience. From the simplicity of our ingredients to the richness of our flavours, every meal tells a story. Join us on this culinary journey and let Flavours of Mexico transform your perception of Mexican cuisine.

What's Next?

We're not stopping here. We're constantly exploring new ways to bring Mexican culture and cuisine to you. Follow our blog for stories, culinary adventures, and visuals that capture the essence of Mexico. Join our community and share your passion for Mexico's treasures. Together, let's keep the spirit of exploration alive!

Gracias for being part of our familia!

Con amor, Hector and Sunny

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