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Established in April 2020, with the aim to bring to Sydney the taste and flavours of Mexican food as you would in the streets and homes of Mexico. 

Transforming your experience of authentic Mexican food in Sydney. 

We are passionate about  the authenticity of our food and your experience. This is found in our approach. Simple, fresh, quality ingredients and authentic recipes packed with flavour.

The presentation of our kits demonstrates our respect to what we have created for you and how you experience what we have cooked in our kitchen to the final presentation on your table.

Our heat and eat taco kits, entertainer kits and catering kits promise a delicous immersive experience, a new way to connect with family and friends. The simple act of asking for the various elements to build your taco creates connection and cohesion, lively discussion and laughter. 

We are so  dedicated to delivering the authentic Mexican tase and experience that we make our own achiote paste , marinades and flavour bases, handcraft our tamales and everything else from scratch, to guarantee that our food is sugar free, gluten free and void of hydrogenated fats and oils. 

Come with with us and discover Mexico on your plate

About Us

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Our Values

Our values encompass everything we do. From our recipes, our staff our products our suppliers and our customers - For us it's a way of life.

Trust and Excellence

Authenticity and Inspiration


Obsessed with Quality and Connection

Simplicity, Sincerity & Love

Our Purpose

To celebrate life & love, making memories with family and the family we choose, our friends, by sharing the real taste and cultural experience that is Mexican food one taco kit at a time.

Our Logo

This is our Talevera tile...

We created our logo to represent the key ingredients we use to achieve the delicious flavours in our Tacos and to reflect Mexico's rich history, culture, traditions and vibrant colour. We avoided the stereotypical images you have come to associate with Mexico and Mexican food to share with you the real Mexico and its food in all it's authenticity.

Chillies = We uses so many varieties

Anatto seeds -  that gives alpastor it's unique flavour and colour, 

Limes, Garlic, Cumin seeds, and coriander. 

The blue represents  Puebla, the colour of the Talavera tile and it's historical significance