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Fiesta FAQ's: Your Guide to the Ultimate Mexican Taco Kit Experience.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers! Discover Everything About Bringing Authentic Mexican Flavours to Your Table.
Any other questions
Please contact us love to answer your questions. 


What Makes Your Mexican Taco Kits Authentic?

Coming from Puebla Mexico, we are keen to share what real Mexican food tatse like so you can experience true Mexican flavours with our kits, crafted from age-old recipes and the freshest ingredients, just like the food from Abuela's kitchen in Hectors hometown Puebla City.


How Spicy Are Your Authentic Mexican Dishes?

Authentic Mexican cuisine isn't inherently spicy. The real zest and heat come from our selection of salsas and fresh chilis, served separately. This way, you control the spice level, adding just the right kick to suit your taste.


What does Nixtamal mean?

Here’s a quick history lesson!
Nixtamalization is an ancient Aztec process. Over 3,500 years ago, Meso-American women would grind their corn against the volcanic limestone rocks on the edge of the lakebed after soaking and softening the corn.
This process created a fine powder called Calcium Hydroxide,
otherwise known as lime, ( not the fruit – the compound).
Soaking the corn in the newly discovered alkaline solution prior to cooking the corn, better absorbed water improving its flavour giving birth to a nutritionally dense superfood that the Aztecs named Nixtamal.
Extra tortillas are available with your order.
taco kit or entertainers kit. Just let us know


What’s Included in Our Authentic Mexican Taco Kits?

Each taco kit is a complete package of pre-cooked fillings, fresh tortillas, and an array of toppings and salsas, bringing Mexico's culinary delights to your table.


Do Your Taco Kits Cater to Specific Diets?
Join the fiesta regardless of your diet! We offer vegetarian/ Vegan options. Our food is naturally gluten-free as we use Nixtamal Corn tortillas and Mexican taco kits are low-carb we don't use any form of sugar in our salsas or marinades & and your Keto guests can opt out of the tortillas!


How many people can one kit serve?

Perfect for families, our standard taco kits feed between 4-6 depending on everyone's apetite. For  The Ultimate Mexican Fiesta Kit and Entertainers Kit options There is a minimum order of 20 people. For larger gatherings and Mexican-themed events of of 100 or more contact us



How Quick is the Meal Prep with Your Taco Kits?

Enjoy a speedy gourmet Mexican meal in under 20 minutes! Our pre-cooked fillings make it a breeze to heat, assemble, and relish a delicious taco feast. The Ultimate Mexican Fiesta Kit- takes a bit longer approx at least 45 min.


Delivery and Pick up.

Kits will be delivered on Fridays from Midday ready for your weekend event. If you have a mid week event talk to us and

Delivery is  FREE on all or Catering kits orders  and entertaining kits. and orders over $150.

There is a small delivery fee for the dinner kits and is calucatlated on where you are.


Shelf Life of Our Authentic Mexican Taco Kits?

Freshness is key in our kits

The Taco Filling, are vacuum packed which lasts up to 2 weeks unopened in your fridge or 3 months in the freezer, ensuring you enjoy the vibrant, natural flavours of Mexico without the preservatives. 

Our house-made salsas last up to let's say up to 2 weeks... but to be honest, we are not sure because there is never any left after a few days.... 

The fresh prepared components in our The Ultimate Mexican Fiesta Kit-  last a few days. The fresh components supplied whole in the Dinner kits and The Big Box of Tacos will last up to a week.

In all honesty, if there are leftovers our taco kits have an amazing ability to disappear there is never any left. 😝

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