From Puebla – Atlixco

  • We live by our values.

We are dedicated to produce the best authentic Mexican food. Our job is to fully satisfy our customer requirements through our commitment to provide innovative solutions, operate efficiently and promote sustainable practices to safeguard our planet.

We are as efficient and responsible with the environment as we can; to provide a world-class service at fair prices.

  • Philosophy

We want to be the best Mexican food in the market. We attach to our values, our hard-working culture, and honesty are our mantra of living. We look to gain the trust of our clients, employees and shareholders through hard work.

Our philosophy is based on continuous improvement and a culture of high-quality standards in all the tacos we make.

That is why our quality standards are not only based on financial metrics or KPIs but in the human values we practice making a real difference and positive impact.

  • Our Values:

Continuous improvement

We constantly revise and benchmark the state of our organization. We continuously improve to reach excellence.


Honesty, responsibility, authenticity and veracity are the core values to maintain a fair business model. We are kind, opportune and expedite when serving our clients.


We value and respect humanity, which for us translates into a candid and coherent communication.


We enjoy what we do. We are always looking for improvements in our processes and services.


  • Customer service

We build long term relationships with our clients, who are our reason for being.

  • Quality

We constantly achieve our goals and optimize the use of resources to reduce costs and generate value for our customers.

  • Environmentally responsible

Our services meet the world’s highest environmental standards. Our aim is to cause minimum impact to our planet.


  • Teamwork

We value and foster the productivity and competitiveness of our people, collaborating always as a team to reach our goals.

  • Our people

Our success is due to our people. Our staff is professional, committed and always motivated to provide the best service to our clients. We always collaborate as a team to achieve a positive impact to all our stakeholders.


  • Client focus

Committed to provide the best solutions to our clients to fulfill all needs.


  • Solid business model

Our portfolio of products and services is focused on current market requirements. We carefully offer services that commits to both: customer satisfaction and well-being of the environment. Our growth as a company is based in sustainability.


  • Sustainability

We believe that work can be done respecting the environment. For us, being an environmental responsible company is a competitive advantage that will allow is generate a sustainable growth.
We operate as lean as possible and use the best technology available to reduce waste and nature’s impact. Our strategy is based on efficiency and safety of our stakeholders. We want to make a positive impact in our community.


  • Dynamic company

Since we made our first taco al pastor, we gave start to the philosophy that guides us through today: hard-working culture and continuous improvement. We are always looking for better ways to improve our services and operations. We make decisions based on data and constantly revise costs to maintain our fair value prices.