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Original Creators of the #HeatandEatYourTacoKit

Our Tacos are made with Love!

Authentic Tacos al Pastor, Tacos de Barbacoa, Tamales and Empanadas from Puebla, Mexico. 

 Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian options available!

Amazing, Authentic and Delicious Mexican Food.

Please place your orders at least 24 hrs in advance


What is TACOS 'Al Pastor' ('Al Pastor' style Tacos) ?

Soft corn tortilla, 'Al Pastor' style filling (pork, chicken or vegan) topped with chopped red onion, coriander, grilled pineapple, homemade salsa and a squeeze of lime!


'Al Pastor' style filling: grilled  - pork, chicken or vegan -  previously marinated in a combination of Mexican dried chilies and spices, pineapple, orange and achiote paste.


What is TACOS 'de Barbacoa' ?


Barbacoa, not to be confused with Barbeque or BBQ. Barbacoa is a style of cooking unique to central Mexico. Barbacoa is a flavoursome authentic Mexican dish typically made with lamb. Steeped in tradition and rich in history. Seasoned with Mexican dried chilies and spices, steamed and slow cooked until perfectly tender. Layer it over soft corn tortillas with coriander, onion, house-made salsa, and squeeze of lime for an amazing and crave worthy meal for any occasion!

Why Barbacoa is so yummy? It’s easy – the combination of dried chilies and spices, and the texture make it full of authentic Mexican flavours!

All locally sourced and thoughtfully sustainable. We take pride in layering our tacos as authentic Mexican dishes in Sydney, Australia.

We know you will enjoy!



Created by Hector!

My name is Hector. Yes, I am Mexican. Actually, I am a very proud Mexican from Puebla. The culinary & architectural heart of Mexico. Pueblan’s are proud people.


After traveling across the world (74 countries, so far) and since arriving in Australia and living in Sydney (which I enjoy!) there is one thing I have missed – my Mum and of course her cooking. Our family cooks, like many traditional Mexican families, ‘al pastor’, which means fresh, low-fat cooking of lean meat (pork, chicken or vegetarian) fresh every day. This is how I also cook. Like my Mum, I cannot take short cuts.


With the advent of Covid-19 I decided to start cooking for my Mexican friends and newfound Australian friends, here in Manly. And, after too many coming back for more, I decided to make ‘Flavours of Mexico’ available to my new Sydney familia – which includes you. Yes, I am starting out. But, I believe good quality, simple, healthy and flavoursome Mexican (I don’t use fillers) will make you smile and come back for more.


My cooking if simple, traditional, Mexican. It is minimalist and packed with flavour. That’s how we eat – and eat well. Soft corn Taco’s, Pork Tamale’s, Beef Empanada’s. That’s it. (Burritos? That’s Tex-Mex from Texas – more on that later).


Every week I cook for a ‘delivery’ that you can book ahead. No, it’s not ‘on-demand’. You will taste the difference. ‘Al Pastor’ takes time, and I want to cook for you Mexican, from a Puebla Mexican.

Our Tacos are made with Love!   |  Nuestros tacos están hechos con Amor!


Questions? Please text us or call us. We are here to assist, and we can help, and we can cater for you and your family. 

You can text or call Sunny anytime: 0412 922 312


Muchas gracias amigos


Frequently asked questions  - FAQ -

1.      About Us 

We cook traditional Mexican. Soft corn Taco’s, Pork Tamale’s & Beef Empanada’s. We cook fresh and we cook to order – not on demand. I want to earn your support and your friendship.

2.     What is Mexican?

It is not Tex-Mex or California Mex. It is simple, it is lean meats and full of flavours. This is what is missing from Mexican food in Australia. Let me cook for you and show you the heart of Puebla Mexico.

3.     Why do I have to order?

It takes time to prepare good food and my cooking if no different. We cook three times a week for three meal runs a week.

4.    What is 'Al Pastor' style?

Fresh marinated  and grilled filling (pork, chicken or vegetarian). Traditionally this has been pork, but we also cook chicken and vegetarian. 

5.     Is Tex-Mex, Mexican? 

No. Burritos? Fajita’s?, Nacho’s? That’s Tex-Mex (& California Mex). It’s not what we traditionally eat

6.    Soft Corn or Flour Tortilla?

Where I am from, Puebla, Mexico… we traditionally use soft corn tortilla. Flour tortilla is used more on the north of Mexico, very influenced area by our neighbour.

7.     What is a Tamal?

It's a steamed bundle of masa and a tasty filling, all wrapped in a corn husk.

8.    What is an Empanada?

Empanadas are named after the Spanish verb 'empanar' which means to coat or wrap in bread.

9.     Yes, we cater !!!!