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 Your Free Authentic Mexican Salsa Recipe Book! 

Turn Your Kitchen into a Mexican Taqueria!

We deliver authentic Mexican food with everything done for you. 

Easy-to-follow instructions, and all the authentic flavours you need. 

We do the prep, you do the fiesta.

Just open. Heat and Eat...




Your Mexican Fiesta In box!

Let us take your taste buds on a trip to the heart of Mexico – no passport required!

You're craving the zesty, vibrant flavours of Mexico, but Sydney's offerings are just not cutting it. Every "Mexican" meal leaves you dreaming of something more auténtico, right?

It's like a salsa with no spice, a fiesta with no music. You know what real Mexican food tastes like, and these local imitations? ¡Por favor! You deserve the sizzle of perfectly seasoned Tacos Al Pastor, the tang of fresh lime, and the kick of a spicy salsa, not some bland, cold and soggy wannabe tacos! 

Here’s the good news: We’re bringing Mexico to your Kitchen! Our heat-and-eat taco kits are your express ticket to a genuine Mexican taqueria experience. Fresh, quality ingredients, authentic family recipes, and all the flavour you’ve been missing, ready to light up your dining table or event. It’s not just a meal; it’s an flavour explosion of Mexico's finest, right in your home. Grab a kit, call the family, and get ready to create memories with our delicious  tacos. Your Mexican culinary adventure starts now, and trust us, it's muy delicioso!

Say hola to our Done-For-You Mexican Taqueria Kits! They're like a fiesta in a box, just waiting to sizzle up your kitchen.

Fresh ingredients? ✅  No food prep, no mess ✅  

Foolproof instructions? ✅ ✅

 Just open, heat, and eat

We'll Make You Look like A Star

A Trip to Mexico in Every Bite
Fun Laughter, Stories &  Memories

We're Sharing our Salsa Secrets!

Download the ultimate salsa recipe eBook – it's fiesta time in your kitchen!

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Pressed for time? Let us take the cooking off your plate. Quick, delicious dinner, delivered!



 Make your events memorable with our all inclusive catering kits

 Be a guest at your own event.


Authentic flavours straight from Mexico!

 Genuine and diverse  Mexican cuisine 



Less Mess, More Time


Freshness You Can Taste


Easy To Follow Instructions


 For Small and Large  Gatherings


A Culinary Trip to Mexico

Every Taco kit Includes

How It Works
Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.




Tacos and Tamales

What People Are Saying About Us

Flavours of Mexico was the tastiest Mexican we have ever had. Sunny was so incredible and her customer service is next level. In one day notice she made a Taco kit for 12 people for us to take away for the weekend. The beef and chicken was delicious. So much food we had another meal of leftovers and don’t get me started about the salsa sauces. Wow you can not get that gorgeous flavour anywhere else. Safe to say we’ll be ordering again. Order you won’t regret.

Absolutely First Class
Finding authentic Mexican in Australia is not easy and these guys stand out head and shoulders above the rest. We’ve had a number of home deliveries and it’s always super fresh.
We also went to a catered party (50 people) and they did the catering in style. I could not recommend them more highly. Class Act. 10/10.

I am certainly NOT a stranger to Mexican food. However, this food perfectly represented the traditionally cooking styles of inner Puebla, I almost felt like I was back at home enjoying a meal cooked by my mother. Thank you Flavours of Mexico for spreading the Mexican tradition!

Flavours of Mexico Story collage.png

Our Story

It all started with a promise over Margaritas In Manly and a craving for authentic

Tacos al Pastor.

Meet Hector, a proud Mexican, and his wife Sunny, a Sydney native, mixed love, flavors, and cultures to bring the real taste of Mexico to Sydney's doorstep. Welcome to Flavours of Mexico – where every bite tells a story!


Our Logo Story

We want to introduce you to the real Mexico, the one that bursts with authenticity and flavour. We designed our logo to embody the heart and soul of Mexican food, without relying on clichéd stereotypes.....

Flavours of Mexico Logo


 Where Food, Travel, and Culture Converge. Welcome to a world of endless inspiration.
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